Terms Of Service

Terms Of Services

All of the orders placed via UnlimitedRealTraffic.com will be subjected to the following Terms & Conditions. By placing an order, it’s understood you have gone through, comprehended and agreed with all the TOS.

The TOS is an agreement made between you (“Customer, Client”) and UnlimtedRealTraffic.com (“us”). They should be read and understood.

You acknowledge the fact that by placing an order with UnlimitedRealTraffic.com, you’ve read, acknowledged and as well, completely understood EVERY paragraph of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS / SERVICES.

Every campaign is considered active as soon as the first visitor is sent to your website.

You are financially responsible for every traffic sent to your site. You agree to pay for all traffic that was delivered to you, your website or clients site.

All visitors will be sent to the website address posted together with the purchase. In case there exists an error with the submitted URL, you will not hold UnlimitedRealTraffic.com or it’s Partner Sites responsible for the error. Any kind of traffic sent to your site reflecting the above error, will not be credited.

In case your website turns into inaccessible for any reason (“server is down or inaccessible, timed out, or shows to be active but with internal server errors, 404 errors and also other different kinds of common or uncommon errors associated with the internet as well as its fundamental infrastructure”), you will not hold UnlimitedRealTraffic.com responsible for these errors. Any traffic sent to your website in this downtime will never be credited or refunded.

In case one of the above errors happen including any errors not listed but clearly intended, you might send in writing a request for the campaign to be placed on hold. After resolution of the issue, the held campaign will continue.

All product which has been utilized is not entitled to a refund. When a product or service has been partially used we will swap the product or service for another of equivalent value.

We make use of a cutting-edge traffic monitoring system to track your ad campaign. Every order has a unique campaign id that is used to track website visitors by day/time.

You realized that should the visitor viewing the ad closes it just before it finishes loading (because of network bandwidth, high-impact images, animation or not enough interest on the site visitors part and so on.), It is going to count as an ad view on our system, we have delivered your site to the visitor and also have therefore fulfilled our obligation. It is important to remember that this scenario might not appear in your site statistics. UnlimtedRealTraffic.com cannot control the acts of the individuals viewing your website and can not be held responsible for these behaviors.

You understand the fact that hit counters in your website “Do not accurately represent the amount visitors delivered to your website. This is because of the huge amounts of traffic delivered to the site within a relatively short period of time. Additionally, you understand that UnlimitedRealTraffic.com will not guarantee sales or signups if none are to be achieved.

You acknowledge that the order is for the stated term. All these terms and conditions are subjected to change without notice after the stated term has ended. In case, there is a discrepancy involving the amount of traffic sent to your website, and the amount of traffic sent to you, on your behalf, UnlimtiedRealTraffic.com and you both accept to use the report made by our campaign administrator as the official report. you understand and acknowledges the campaign report was given by UnlimitedRealTraffic.com to be true and correct and then agrees to hold UnlimtedRealTraffic.com, it’s parent company and also all companies and individuals involved harmless for any unexpected results arising from any advertising campaign.

Therefore, you understand that tech support team might not be available at the exact time in which you initiates contact. It is our policy to reply to any or all emails inside FORTY-EIGHT (48) working hours.

So, you agreed to this Service terms and understands that they are legally binding.


Sample: An ordered of 30,000 US Mobile Traffic