When Will My Orders Start?

We understand that a quick start time is essential to the success of your business. We employ a dedicated team to review and start your campaigns in a timely manner. When we receive an order, is rigorously scanned and put through a 10 point fraud check. This fraud check ensures that we maintain the highest quality network and protects from potential fraud. Because of this, the approval process can be slow at times. Your account will usually approve in a few hours time, but no longer than one business day unless our system has detected a problem with the account.

Important Info from you after payment is made through PayPal:

Please provide the following;


1. Url / Website Address:?  

2. Time Span:?  
Please list how many days the campaign should run for. For one week – enter 7, for one month enter 30.

Approximately: 7 days / 30 days [ 5000 traffic = 700+/7 days  or =166/30 days ]

3. Targeting Category/Niche:?

Select ONE only  from here – http://unlimitedrealtraffic.com/faqs/current-targetsniches-offered/

4. Select GeoTargeting / Country Targeting:?

Select the ” Country ” you want the traffic to be sent.
Select ONE only  from here – http://unlimitedrealtraffic.com/faqs/current-traffic-geotargets-offered/

For Mobile Traffic ( We only have US, UK & Canada only )

Small Note:

Alexa traffic no need niche targeting – Read more!

Take Note:

Before you order, please add your website to Goo.gl URL and paste the Goo.gl URL into the traffic order.

You can also use Bitly.com URL

Google Link Shortener

This is to make sure you can track the traffic with your Google account plus the panel we send to you for your full traffic monitoring.

If you missed this part, We will remind you by sending an email to you.
Thank you

Note  For Adult Traffic:  Make sure,
Adult ads may NOT contain any type of popup, sound or frame breaking scripts. Orders in violation will be refunded.

Adult Niches: Select ONE only  from here – http://unlimitedrealtraffic.com/faqs/adult-traffic-guidelines/


Check your time:


Example: Rio de Janeiro Brazil

  • Our CST time 8am – Rio (12pm)
  • Our CST time 4pm – Rio (8pm)

We typically schedule account activation at 8 am and 4 pm CST M-F. We also process approvals at 8 AM CST on Saturdays.

Orders containing adult content may be delayed due to the simple fact that not all members of our approval staff have agreed to view such material. We allow our staff to make these decisions on an individual basis.

8am CST [Mon-Fri, Nov 6] – 9am EST [Mon-Fri, Nov 6] – 10pm Singapore Time [Mon-Fri, Nov 7]
4pm CST [Mon-Fri, Nov 6] – 5pm EST [Mon-Fri, Nov 6] – 6am Singapore Time [Sat, Nov 7]

gmt to pst

Small Review About Fake Traffic


Quality Traffic Provider

Our traffic consists of real visitors generated when a person visits a site of interest such as Topix.com, AnswerBag.com, and many other well-known sites. There are many ways to serve bot traffic, all of which are useless to your customers. We have high retention rates, and high reorder rates which show that our traffic performs.

For every order, please get ready the following details before making a traffic purchase/order. 

1   Url / Website Address?  
2  Time Span?  
3   Targeting Category/Niche?  
4 Country Targeting?


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