Why there is no sign up or registration to my site?

We cannot control the acts of the individuals viewing your website and cannot be held responsible for these behaviors. Additionally, you understand that we will not guarantee sales or signups if none are to be achieved. No matter how we target a service, we can’t guarantee sales. As there are so many variables involved.


  • It could have been because you were selling stuff too expensive or the other factors.
  • Another is, in order to get the offer, a customer must click an “access” button and there is nothing about the site or content, just a lonely “access” button on the page.

There are too many variables to calculate to give you a good answer.

Sample website does not convert well.

Comment 1:
The issue here seems to be that in order to get to the offer, the customer must click an “access” button. There is nothing about the site or content, just a lonely “access” button on the page. Furthermore, after clicked the access button, pop-up another content locker, this would explain why you’re seeing this issue.

Comment 2:
“Your site has a very generic access button that would leave anyone wondering what to do with it. Your lack of action could be simply due to this. People who simply see an access link without knowing what they are accessing, don’t tend to click on these types of presentations.”

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