What Types Of Traffic You Should Not Buy?

Warnings! Do not buy this type of traffic and waste your time

Send Real Human Traffic To Your Website For 365 Days

If you insisted in buying, I can sell to you.

300+ daily visitors

100 PERCENT Genuine Site visitors from our personal advertising network system – 24 HOURS A DAY to your website.


  • Improve your search results and as well, Alexa ranking with the genuine visitors Continuous traffic with no daily limits.
  • Most of the visitors coming from the UNITED STATES plus other major countries around the world.
  • I will send out around 300 real human visitors daily for 365 days.
  • Real people – certainly not generated simply by spam, bots or simply via proxy server. The site visitors source is usually our personal advertising network.
  • Your site will be shown to thousands of interested users.
  • High retention rate and highly unique visitors.
  • WEBSITE SEO complementary services.
  • Adsense safe.
  • Trackable upon Analytics and some other counter.
    Entire traffic monitoring website link included (Daily statistics, Web browser, OS, Region and so on.)
    Adult sites/sound/popups accepted


There are a few things I can guarantee with that type of set up.

1. There is no targeting.
2. The seller does not guarantee uniqueness ( A person could see the same site 300 times each day).
3. The seller is buying cheap worthless traffic or Russian and so on.
4. The seller is using iframe stuffing (one person views 20-30 sites at one time).

They have many trickstricks, but you can see what they do not guarantee.

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