What Types Of Sites Are Accepted?

We understand that turning away business hurts both you and us. For this reason, we have very simple guidelines to ensure that you understand what to expect when it comes to traffic delivery.

We maintain various networks in order to deliver traffic based on the advertisers websites make up.

The highest quality network is our premium network. The premium network is reserved for websites that do not contain any visitor annoyances. These are websites that are free from sound, videos that play automatically, and any type of browser modification such as pop-ups and frame breakers. This is our fastest network with the widest reach.

The next network is our sound network. These are reserved for websites that contain sound, music or video that plays automatically. Website in this network may not contain any type of browser modification such as Java popups or frame breakers. This network is available to most mainstream countries. Traffic delivery is slower than our premium network. For this reason, we recommend that advertisers when at all possible provide an alternative site that does not contain sound so that they may run in the premium network. You should also be made aware that because of sound your orders may be delivered in a slower manner than anticipated. Many of our publishers have opted out from serving ads with sound due to the annoyance it causes their visitor base.

Our last network is reserved for those sites that either break out of our tracking frame or contain a Java pop up. These sites are restricted to a maximum of 500 visitors per day. They may also only target a worldwide audience. These types of sites cannot be targeted to a specific country. Please note that while we will alert you if your order is in violation and must go in this network. We have not received a response from you within three business days we will automatically run the advertisement through a worldwide market regardless of what geo-targeting is selected.

Each order is placed through our network is given a fraud rating. This rating is designed to detect possible issues with an order that may result in some sort of fraudulent activity such as phishing or passing malicious viruses or malware. Our staff is well trained in detecting the probability that a website will turn fraudulent. We have maintained a success rate of over 99% over the last six years. If we feel that a site will turn fraudulent during a campaign. We reserve the right to reject the order and inform you of our findings.

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