What methods do you recommend for tracking?

Tracking Our Traffic.

Our servers track visitors in real time as they pass through our network. Each time a visitor lands on your advertiser’s website for more than 20 seconds we count this as 1 visitor and deduct it from your customers account.

One method we highly recommend to you is to use a Goo.gl redirect. You would enter your link into Goo.gl, and when Goo.gl gave you your unique redirect link, you would enter that into the system. This allows you and the advertiser to view a common 3rd party report showing numbers. If a customer orders 5000 visitors and Goo.gl shows 4000 visitors we will make up the difference until Goo.gl reflects exactly what the customer has purchased. It is important to note that all Goo.gl must be fresh and have a starting visitor count of less than 10. Using an old account will result in distorted numbers. Since Goo.gl is so reliable if an advertisers site is down or overloaded, this can be proof that the traffic was delivered between our servers and Goo.gl but the decay was a direct result of the advertisers site, which you can not be responsible for.

Please note that while we will do our best to deliver the Goo.gl matches within the time frame selected, we can not guarantee the time frames 100% due to resets that take place on a daily basis.

Should you choose not to use the above-recommended methods, we advice using some type of image based StatCounter. This would be such counters as those provided by statcounter.com and hitstats.com


Everyone automatically assumes because it is Google, it is good. GA is one of the worst tracking systems developed for tracking redirect traffic. Time and time again this tracking simply causes problems with any type of redirect traffic. The main reason being that Analytics can not read 3rd party cookies, this makes it impossible to read a cookie set through our redirect and tracking scripts which make the user invisible to GA. For this reason, we hope that you fully aware of this method of tracking.

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