How Can I Spread Traffic Evenly Over The Day?

If you are looking to spread out the traffic evenly during the day, we would recommend the hourly feature. This can be done during manual setup, or it can be updated after a campaign has gone live by simply clicking the “make hourly” link. Please note that our system manages the hourly features by simply increasing the daily max by the hourly value.

If you are running a campaign of 2400 at 100 per hour, by 9 am you will have a max of 900 visitors (9×100). By 3 pm, you will have a max of 1500 visitors (15×100). Please note that if your campaign starts later in the day, the system will start your max based on the hour it is started. While you may expect 100 your first hour, if the campaign is started at 6 am, it will get 600 its’ first hour. This will only happen on the first day, and future days will not be affected as such.

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