Can I run CPA offers?

CPA offers are considered to be at your own risk type order. We have had many offers to run CPAs from CPA companies directly and our experience is they did not pay out as our leads came in. Sometimes they did, sometimes they did not. Sometimes they paid on some but not others. The inconsistency we experienced with these networks was far from acceptable.

If you want to run a CPA offer, it must be made clear (per our terms and conditions) that we do not guarantee…

  1. That CPA company will pay for each lead derived from our system.
  2. A user will continue beyond the first page of an offer.
  3. The program will fill within a 30 day period. Since we promote to home business seekers and MLMers they people are not looking for your offer directly. Because of this CPA ads are only run in spaces where inventory has run out and are not heavily promoted like other programs.
  4. That rush orders will fill within 7-10 days. However, rush orders will get a higher promotion rate than CPAs that are not rush.

In addition, CPA offer leads CAN NOT be disputed If the CPA company does not pay for the lead. We will replace the lead however if the email is invalid. Any issues with non-payment should be addressed to the CPA manager of the company the offer was run through. Our support staff will not investigate these matters.

We don’t advise on CPA because CPA is considered at your own risk product. The reason being is that there are so many shady companies out there, that they rarely report the correct amount of traffic and or conversions. If you are doing CPA however, mobile or GA would work best. The reason for this is that neither of these traffic types uses interstitials as a delivery method. Many times interstitials can hinder CPA tracking cookies. So, for CPA delivery 100% following our panel tracking monitoring.


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