Adult Traffic Guidelines

While we welcome Adult orders of any kind please note that we will not accept the following into our adult network.

  • Orders that contain sound.
  • Orders that contain frame breakers.
  • Orders that contain a java exit pop / exit loop (except worldwide).
  • Orders that depict underage persons or any other type of illegal content.

Please note that each country has its’ own laws governing pornographic material. Because of this geotargeting may be limited to exclude certain countries and regions.

Niches Targeting For Adult:

  1. Male Straight
  2. Female Straight
  3. Gay
  4. Lesbian
  5. Hardcore
  6. Softcore
  7. LiveCam
  8. Fetish
  9. Bondage
  10. Adult Dating
  11. Amateur
  12. Adult Toys
  13. Anal
  14. Role Play
  15. XXX Gaming

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