My do not match up?

Our staff reviews the numbers reported by and makes adjustments to our systems on a daily basis. Please be patient as we are aware of the difference and will correct this in a timely manner. Read more »

Why did my traffic come in so fast?

Our servers receive about 50,000 – 60,000 visitors every minute from all over the world.  Our system serves orders equally throughout the day.  Typically when a new order is activated on the first day if the majority of the other sites with the same Geo-target and category target have completed […] Read more »

Does your traffic increase YouTube views?

The simple answer is no.  YouTube has gone to great lengths to discourage people from using traffic (mass visitor) services from increasing YouTube views.  Every time a video plays it costs YouTube money for bandwidth and the like.  There are currently no providers out there that can truly provide this […] Read more »

Can I run Amazon or eBay links?

Yes.  We do allow Amazon, eBay, and Etsy links.  Please make note that these types of the site require specific types of traffic, because of this delivery may be slower than anticipated.  There are always changes we can make to speed up orders, so it is a good idea to […] Read more »